Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dream Lessons

This morning my sister told me all about a dream she had (involving me of course) and there were so many lessons to be learned from her random subconscious that I thought I'd share them so we can all be a little more informed! After all...knowledge is the key:

- don't walk to neighbouring towns in bare feet (even if they entice you with dirt roads)

- acai berry candy may sound lovely - but be warned - it gets stuck in your teeth

- finding canoes and kayaks on the farm can be very time consuming

- don't trust word of mouth on lupus remedy salesman. Seriously

- sloped greasy convienience store floors = dangerous

and most of all...

- do not forget your camera when you go out because you never know if you'll meet a pet lion! (making perfect material for blog posts!!)

Ok, so his owner is not exactly ninja Rasputin - but you get the point...


  1. FYI, the lion in my dream had a HUGE mane. It was a man lion. And also people get grossed out when you try to remove sticky acai berry candy from your teeth in public.

  2. I once met a pet monkey while walking to a friend's house in Richmond. It was up a tree in the owners yard and it certainly opened my eyes. Mom