Sunday, January 24, 2010

I need to learn how to knit...

Thanks to the lovely networking skills of twitter (where I was followed by YesJessEtsy - who I then followed after seeing her tweets and cool shop) - I discovered this amazing mitten pattern! Talk about adorable and awesome:

Turns out this is modified from this original pattern - but not like it really matters anyways because I don't know how to knit...or have time to knit...minor details...

ps. For all you hardcore blog followers - this is the second time I've been craving ample knitting skills (recall this?). Maybe a third project will inspire me to learn for real this time...

pps. Due to the loyal blog following skills of my sis - I sneaked her this tutorial in advance and the result? Adorable mittens!!! I'm sure she will be sending my way!! Right Leslie?


  1. I've heard of Kittens with mittens, but Kittens that are mittens!!??

  2. That last comment was from Fraser :D

  3. Perhap if you wrote with fewer sentence fragments, I would consider sending them to you :)


    The grammar police strike again!

  4. I'm just keeping it real Leslie. I speak in sentence fragments so I blog that way too!!!

  5. This may be kind of late, but thanks for linking to my pattern! I really like being able to see the Kitten Mitten love, haha! But seriously, people that talk about how they like my patterns in public are really my motivation for producing them, so thanks.