Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More winnings!

Signing up for etsy related giveaways has certainly paid off. If you recall I was lucky enough to win this mega giveaway at rikrak studio and by pressuring my mom to enter ink and button's giveaway she was lucky enough to win a darling flower brooch! Sweet! Well this time I won an adorable apple cozy from UnravelMe's shop! Proof once again that networking and etsy chat rooms are a fantastic way to spend many hours of my day! Hooray! Take a look at the cozy I chose:

I'm in love with the cute wooden button and little green leaf and I think the red colour is classic. Plus this will actually be really useful for me since I seem to always have a royal gala rolling around in my bag getting bruised before my work breaks! I recommend taking a peek at all of UnravelMe's crocheted cozies available in her shop! And an added bonus for me? Extra excitement added to the "waiting for post" game! Awesome!

Oh! And in other news - I got featured on another etsy blog! This time Parami Panda Crochet included me in her list of etsians she'd love to carry in her theoretical shop! Take a look :)


  1. So cute! Apples are my favorite fruit! The cosy is cute and useful. Mom

  2. Cute! I love apple cozies - they are adorable and silly and useful all at the same time.

  3. I have one of those apple containers that's made out of plastic and meant to be an 'apple guard' -- I think it's made by the same people that make those goofy banana guards. You know the ones I mean.

    Anyway, this apple cosy seems maybe even more useful, plus it has a cute button!