Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Engagement Marketing Podcast

So as you all probably know, I am very much addicted to the internet. I spend hours every morning (and evening usually) surfing through hundreds of pages looking for juicy articles to feed on. Well one such article (ok - podcast) struck me today and I found it interesting enough to share with everyone! It is all about how the internet has revolutionized marketing and how the key to success in this day and age is to form "personal relationships" with people (since the number one thing the internet lacks is human attention). Perhaps a little too much business scheming for many of you blog readers, but if you are into making it as a crafty business it may be worth a listen. Click on the picture to link:

One of the most important lessons I got out of this was that you shouldn't use your blog/facebook/twitter as broadcast marketing (because you'll just annoy the crap out of everyone) and instead should be all about pleasing your audience first and foremost. Talk about topics that bring interest and inspiration to you blog readers and mention your business less frequently (and when you do mention it, do it in an exciting and interesting way)! Makes sense to me!

Ok, so I just reread what I've written on this post so far I'm pretty sure it confirms what a huge geek I am. This totally feels like a highschool english assignment where you have to listen to something and report back on what you learned from it. Who does those sorts of things for fun? Apparently me.

But after all of this podcast reporting business, I am left with a few questions for you. What sort of things do you find most interesting? What would you like to see more of in my blog? What posts can I share with you that will leave you thinking, "hey - that was totally worth that minute and a half of reading time!"? I know I'm drawn to some set things (loads of pictures, neat links, tutorials, cuteness, and dry wit) but what blog-y things please you most? Inquiring minds (well mind) would be really interested to hear! And since one thing I clearly do not lack is an opinion, perhaps you are all the same way....


  1. How about a silly idea - more pictures of Percy. Anon

  2. Oops! That didn't work! An anonymous, Mom

  3. Gotta say, I love the longer posts (like this one)! Also, pictures = excellent.

  4. Great podcast! Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Here's your next assignment. 1000 word essay on whether a stegosaurus would beat a triceratops in a fight (ignoring the fact that they didn't live at the same time).

    GO! Due Friday. Out of a million. He he :)

    I totally agree that no one wants to be spam marketed. It's annoying and rude.