Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's in my bag?

During my daily "I'm addicted to the internet" readings, I came across this wonderful post by the freckled nest! Nothing better than volunteered snooping on the eternal question of "what's in your bag?" and lovingly composed as well! I soon realized once I came across this post at katie cupcake and this post at tea time that sharing your bag contents must be the cool new thing to do! So I'll hop along the trend train and share mine with you as well. Behold - my monstrously large bag jim bought me many years ago:

I thought about changing my purse before doing this post, but let's be realistic. I like using this bag in the winter because it allows me to tote around large amounts of crap. I also really like the tweedy geekiness of it. Oh, and it has pink lining. An added bonus. So let's take a peek inside:

Wow! I told you I carried a lot of crap...but it's useful crap! Plus you get the super fun "search & find" goodness of trying to figure out what each thing is. So I'll resort to pure kate style, and put it in a list for you.

Here we go - my bag contents include:
  • deliciously warm mec mittens
  • keys (with sweet bonspeil key fob)
  • calender from the dentist that I collaged with pictures
  • gum, kleenex, and tea
  • sweet cow case lindsay got me from england
  • ipod touch (listening to Hannah Georgas for the last 4 days)
  • olive body butter
  • giant pill case
  • felt yeti finger puppet/ornament (I didn't know was in my bag - that is from two years ago)
  • rolled up reusable shopping bag
  • all of my button sets I sell on etsy (never know when someone will want to see them!)
  • cell phone
  • wallet I should probably retire. I bought it back when I lived in nelson..but the little skulls are just so cute...
  • espe pouch leslie gave me
  • assorted lip balms
  • mini floss! (thanks fraser)
  • tea tree wipes
  • "She had no intention of suffering alone" pocket mirror (thanks les!)
  • ear plugs. Why yes. I am an old lady - but those come in handy!
  • pink flowery pencil case
  • post its
  • black sharpie pen (my fav) and brown sharpie-esque pen
  • my sketching journal. I might blog about this one's pretty cool...
*Whew* Next time you're out and about thinking, "hey, I could really use _____". Know that I probably have something like it in my purse. And for all you extra credit non-stealthy purse peeking ninjas - there is even a flickr group dedicated to this! Wonderful! So what's in your bag?


  1. You beat me! But when I was a young Mom with little kids I am sure I could have beat you! Mom

  2. I carry my keys, my wallet, and my iPod. Occasionally my insulin. And I'm good to go!

  3. I carry keys, business cards, wipes tweezers, fingernail file and clippers,address book, camera, wallet, compact, 2 lipstick, checkbook, stamps, fixodent (for my husband), eye galsses, eye glass cleaner, 3 perfumes, measuring tape, asprin, angel cards, oragami camel, comb, sanitary pad, meds, cell phone, change (lots of it), and three pens all in a purse the size of a mans bathroom bag.

  4. Impressive SnowflakeDreams! I also carry my address book with stamps when I'm out of town (I am an avid pen pal - even if I've been failing at that this month...). Oh, and I always have business cards in my wallet! You never know when you'll come across a new customer!

  5. Wow! Lots of the stuff in that purse was bought by me! Even more than you listed :)

    I have lots of stuff in my purse, but rarely as much as you have. And I generally have lotes of jewelery in it too, as I've worn it to work then taken it off (and put it somewhere safe) when I go to the gym.

  6. You bought me the tea tree wipes... I don't know if that counts as lots?

  7. Didn't I buy that little notebook too?

  8. No - we just fought over who got to buy it. And I did! and I use it! For our challenge! That I'm winning at! Hahahaha...ha...

  9. Not that notebook! The flowery pad of paper!

  10. Oh that "flowery pad of paper" is actually a pencil case I keep my sketching journal and pens in. I got it in the sale bin at Old Navy in Victoria. But you do buy me some rad stuff! Just not stuff I have in my bag currently...

  11. Dear Lord you don't want to know what is in my handbag! :)

    This is funny, cute bag too and it looks clean.