Saturday, January 23, 2010

Even more features!

Once again I have the lovely pleasure of being featured in someone blog! This time my custom magnet sets where included in the masonry's post about non traditional valentines day gifts. Cheesy? Yes. But fun nonetheless! Berkley Illustration was even included in the list and we all recall how much I love them! I'm also rather fond of the idea of not overly commercialized lovey valentines, since I am really not fond of valentines all...

However, if you are fond of singles awareness day (that dreaded feb. 14th) then you should probably check out this awesome tutorial over at poppytalk! Combining two things I love - gift wrapping and polymer clay! Hooray!


  1. You forgot say that your love robot buttons or magnets would make a great Valentines Day gift. Oh, yes and your love robot cell phone charm. Mom

  2. I will definitely have to check out the tutorial, since we both know how much I love sculpey! SCULPEY! Or Fimo. Or whatever. OK, "polymer clay". I especially love making little buddies out of the them! (hehehe)

  3. ..."Singles awareness day" cracked me up.

  4. HA! Singles Awareness Day, that's a good one! ;)
    I would be so delighted if my sweetheart got me the love robots, or the yeti as a gift <3