Monday, January 25, 2010

More mail!

Remember how my mom won that giveaway of ink and buttons a while back (which, p.s. I totally signed her up for)? Well it arrived! And she should totally give it to me! Haha! Take a look:

What a super awesome brooch! And in a neat little cotton bag too! And better yet? The entertainment of percy (el gato diablo) trying to sneakily catch the first glimpse.

Stinkums - sorry dude but your lack of opposable thumbs gives me the clear advantage. You can have the box though...


  1. Percy is so cute! And he sat on my lap yesterday! (He does not do that too often.) Mom

  2. Those are some great pics of El Gato Diablo.

  3. ehehe my cats couldn't leave a box alone if they tried.

  4. Oh, the favouritism! Oh, the agony! I want presents! ME ME ME!

    (there, immaturity is almost all out of my system. Check my facebook status -- I almost hit a deer driving home!)