Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Find: milkylane

This last week I've been rather ill with a mysterious spout of vomit-y-ness. And not that unpleasant vomiting where you throw up and feel a little bit better afterwords, but the type where you get sick and remain feeling sick...for what feels like forever. After being reunited with some mint tea and sushi I attempted, I came across this fantastic print by milkylane, which seems all too suiting to my week. Behold:

I think this would be fantastic hanging above a sink or in a bathroom, but in all honestly, I'm not quite at the stage where I see the humor in how miserable I've been feeling yet. Soon though. I figured this post is a good sign...

I am really quite fond of many of milkylane's charmingly odd pieces (ex. a cat's nightmare, godess, and we ate owl family) and I think her Frenchness just adds to the appeal. Who doesn't love someone who describes themselves as someone who "loves seahorses, men that look like cats, and sleeping"? Obviously not me...


  1. The French have a weird approach to things. They end movies right when they're about to start, they have bizarre physical comedy, and apparently they like to draw huge black cats filled with odd fish. An odd people. ;)

  2. That reminds me of 100 cats and a mouse.