Saturday, January 16, 2010

Magnet time!

Due to the overwhelming success of my first dabble in magnets, I've decided to offer all of my button sets in magnet form! Now available in my shop!

Ok...that's sort of a lie..they weren't that successful...I just found some magnets that work on my 1" buttons - but same thing right? Because not everyone likes wearing pins, but everyone has a fridge (and if you don't you probably wouldn't be interested in getting these magnets anyways)! Hurray! Magnets for all!!!


  1. I love fridge magnets as you know. I am now waiting to see which new ones will be on your site and on a fridge near me. Mom

  2. They look awesome!!! I can hardly wait to get some!

  3. yay I'm glad you made all of them available in magnets!