Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crafty Bandwagon of 2009

A while back I signed up to receive daily "etsy finds" emails that showcase hot trends and items in the etsy world. It's a great way to see the best of etsy in a comfortable "handmade internet shopping" form. Well, recently I got one such email featuring the big crafty trends of 2009! And the verdict? I'm apparently a total sell out. Behold:

Trend #1: Woodland creatures

To be completely honest here - I did know I was following a trend with this one... (remember?)

Trend #2: Plaid

Nothing says "summer fun" quite like a plaid potluck!! That's me on the left hand side rocking the plaid trio of patterns

Trend #3: Mustaches

At least with this one I wasn't really sure how popular they would be (link).

Honorable mention Trend #4: Vampires. Have you seen how pale I am? Just saying...

So all this time I totally felt like I was ahead of the times but apparently the reality is that I'm just ahead of the mainstream non-etsy/Kamloops trends. Alas. Oh well, maybe I'll be super ahead of the times this year for real.


  1. I predict that flannel is making a comeback in 2011. And monocles.

  2. It's ok the be trendy sometimes ;)

    Who knew pale was in? I couldn't tan to save my life.. must be all the Irish blood in me.

  3. I am at least as pale as you are in the winter -- and I love vampires! Yay! I do tan up pretty well in the summer though. I guess that makes me a fair weather vampire... or maybe a poor weather vampire.

    Nice blog post. I like the staches! And tartan is always good. Yay Kate!

  4. Want to know about the trend I was ahead of back in 1969? No, well maybe another time. Mom