Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY Car Fresheners

I, much like most people (especially women) out there, like things to smell pleasant.  Unfortunately with all the challenges living life throws at you, things often do not smell so lovely and I enjoy doing what little things I can to make the air more enjoyable to be in.  That being said - I am equally disgusted by strong perfume and overpowering air fresheners so I guess I should clarify my original statement and say that I like things to smell subtly pleasant. Yes. That's better.

About two years ago my subtle home scenting obsession came to life when my sister and I were out together at the mall. The Body Shop was having one of their "buy a whole bunch and save tons" sales they tend to have and Leslie suggested we smell all their aromatherapy bottles. Well they were amazing and such a bargain (oh and throw in some sisterly peer pressure) so I bought  a handful and was hooked. I've since progressed from a votive system to a fancy aromatherapy diffuser and am head over heels for the amazing (and local!) essential oil blends from Escents (link)! Hooray! And after that dreaded maple bacon marathon Fraser and Jim went on I must say I am enjoying coming home to a subtly fresh and pretty smelling home all the more these days. 

Well - when I saw this neat post over at Crating a Green World for a DIY wool felt car air freshener (link) I just had to spill the beans about my subtle scent obsession so you could fully understand my excitement for this craft! Take a peek:


Oh it is just perfect! I mean what's not to love? It's ridiculously simple (and speedy), it involves my most favourite craft medium (felt), and leaves you with a nice (subtle) smelling car! OoOo! Heck you could even throw a little embroidered wide set eye smiley face on there and make it all the better! Now the tough decision...what shape should I make to hang with our car pal Beauregard (link)? What do you think? How do you feel about air freshening? 


  1. Air freshening never really occurs to me. My parents never used it and now I'm super sensitive to it. I really like pretty natural smells like the ones from essence though! I really DON'T like the chemical sprays that most people use.

  2. I think that Beauregard may get a little jealous... Maybe you should pick a scent that you think that he would enjoy. Lavender perhaps? I also think that wide set eyes and a smile is a must for an air freshener in our car!

  3. I bet Beauregard would enjoy a pretty smelling flower. I might have to try this!

  4. What about a matador? Mr. B would like that and his cape could be the freshen part? A tad complex? Yeah, prob.

  5. Brilliant! You just gave me the best idea for christmas gifts! And I can cut out shapes specific to the person, animals, cars, stars, ohhhh thank you soo much for this easy idea!