Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Earrings

Remember that post I did a while back about those ultra simple earrings that were totally my kind of project (link)? Well unlike the majority of craft projects that make it to my "to do" list and then I never actually manage to get around to - I did this one! Yay! I even photographed it and put together my own little three step DIY for you! Hooray! Let's go!

Like most crafters out there, you probably already have some of these materials. I only had the pliers, but after a quick stop to Victoria's best bead shop (which is Bead World in Market Square as far as I'm concerned) I was ready to go! I did spend a good five minutes drooling over all the seed bead colours though...but otherwise it was a pretty quick and painless process! Onto the second step...

Okay, I may have compressed the making process into one giant step - but it is just so easy! Make sure you don't bend that end piece of the wire too sharply or it will be hard fitting that part in your ear when it comes to the third step...

Yay! As it happens I am quite the overachiever (or easily addicted crafter if you will) and threw in an optional fourth step!

Hooray! Wasn't that fun? I now have a million pairs of these ( should see the ones I didn't photograph) and have already given a few away! I figure they are the perfect Saturday project because (yup, list time):

1) it gives you an excuse to go shopping (for supplies)
2) they are ridiculously easy
3) you can finish them up in a matter of minutes and feel like you've been productive! 

Yeah! The perfect start to a weekend! Happy Saturday! Let me know how the earring making goes...


  1. I love that I don't have to make these to enjoy them!

  2. This is a really great step by step tutorial. Thumbs up from the teacher in training!

  3. They look great! I love the little jars that your beads came in ^_^