Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some new tags

This summer I made some wooden acorn and mushroom necklaces to add to my table at craft shows.  They were super fun to whip up and I loved mixing up muted paint colours to make them all a little different. Take a peek:

Unfortunately their large size means they would cost an arm and a leg to ship and makes them less than ideal for my Etsy shop (darn that 2cm rule at Canada Post)! I figured since I had quite a few left over from the markets (and don't have any craft sales set up for the fall/winter), I could send some off as part of a consignment package at the Art Gallery!  Looks like it's time to make some packaging for these babies since they'd need a spot to put their barcode and price tag in the shop! Hooray for a new challenge! I decided to raid my packaging supplies and came up with this washi tape/bakers twine/recycled cardstock/url stamp concoction:

Well it certainly seems to do the trick and is quite similar to these tags (link) I made for some polymer clay pendants back in the spring.  I really like how the polka dots play up on the mushroom spots and how the floral on top ties it all in the nature theme of the necklaces! So perhaps I am over-thinking things a smidge, but after all packaging is all about the details.  Here's to hoping the necklaces do well this winter! What do you think of my new tags? Do you dabble in packaging? 


  1. These look great! I really like the addition of the washi tape.

  2. I'll have to keep an eye out for your products at the KAG.

  3. They look great! Not over thought to me at all. Have you thought about having a friend in the states hang on to some of your items so that you could maybe bypass customs? Just a thought... It's silly how hard they make things.