Monday, October 29, 2012

How does your Hamish grow?

While Fraser was here this past weekend for my cousin's memorial service he was thrilled to see that I didn't manage to kill anything while he was gone!  Fraser was doing such a good job of taking care of the fish and plants this summer that when it was time for him to go away on his practicum he was a little concerned he would return to a house of dead things. Well apparently our fish and plants are okay at dealing with my neglect and, in fact, Hamish (my lovely milking cactus) has even thrived! I hadn't even realized how tall he was getting until Fraser pointed it out so I thought I better share my excitement:

OoOo! What a good boy he's been! Here are some pics from past posts (link and link) so how his wonderful progress! I bought him in May, successfully moved him to the coast in Septmeber and by December he had already outgrown his third shelf height and needed to be moved to the top! 

Looks like it's time to figure out a new home for this pal - but since we're heading into the coastal winter (meaning no sun and loads o' rain), he shouldn't be moved too far from our only source of natural light. Hmm...looks like I've got a few weeks to decide since there is still about a centimetre before he actually hits the ceiling:

Oh my! I am pretty stoked that I haven't killed him off yet, and think I need to only purchase hearty plants like Hamish in the future. How about you? Are you good with house plants? Any suggestions for me? 


  1. Here's wishing Hamish a safe trip to his new spot in the apartment!

  2. Look at Hamish go! Even cacti seem to die under my really-not-neglectful eye! I guess it's my brown thumb...

  3. That first picture is a trick! I was afraid for your safety from the monster cactus, but then saw the othe picture and realize that Hamish is not 8 feet tall.