Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Knit Candy Corn!

Guess what!? October is rolling along and that only means one thing: my most favourite seasonal candy is coming out! Woo candy corn! Now, if I only I could knit...

...then I would totally make three of these! Aren't they awesome? Nothing says fall quite like some wooly yellow, orange, and white! I love all the projects over at The Purl Bee (link), but these hold an extra special spot in my heart (or at least in my sweet tooth?). They'd be extra fun with some little smiles and feets on them and would really look top notch hanging out on my shelf in the living room. Perhaps I will try a crochet cousin of these babies if I find some extra time one of these days. If not - I am certainly enjoying this image of them and maybe if one of you make them I can vicariously craft with you too! Hooray! What do you think? What's your favourite seasonal candy? 


  1. I think that I would say that Cadbury Creme Eggs are my favorite seasonal candy.

  2. I love candy corn too! Everyone else I tell thinks they're gross (whatever). I also like the pumpkin shaped Reese's cups cuz there's more peanut butter in them the the regular cups :)

    Also, speaking of candy corn, I came across this site/blog/person looking for free crochet patterns (she has some cute ones) and found a pattern for candy corn :) she calls it 'candy-clops'. If you make one I'd love to see!

  3. Purl Bee is such a neat company. They have wonderful stuff and great projects. My favorite candy would have to be the little pumpkins that are like candy corn. I can't even buy them because I'll eat the whole bag!

  4. Halloween isn't as big in Australia as it is in America and Canada so we don't get cool things like this in the regular shops. But my husband and I went to a fancy lolly store and found some ... and then promptly devoured an entire bag! Dangerous stuff! ~_^ I think these knit ones would be better because they would last a lot longer!

  5. I LOVE candy corn!!!!
    Also itsy bitsy spider has a free crochet candy corn http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/amigurumi-kawaii-candy-corn :)

  6. I like all candy! I especially love cinnamon hearts though. For the record, I tried teaching you to knit, and after 30 seconds you told me you got it and to stop teaching you. If you come over to my house, we can knit up some of these! Maybe I'll knit some for Jean regardless, and send them to you with your Totoro mittens!

  7. شكرا لكم ..دائما موفقين..))

    Räumung - Räumung