Wednesday, October 17, 2012

loves me some llama

When I saw this lovely image over on Jen's blog (Red Parka) I just had to post it (link)! I mean - who doesn't love a llama riding in a car in 1957? Just look at that face:


Yup - I sure do love me some llama. This also gives me the opportunity to point you over to that side bar which links to nine lovely ladies' amazing blogs! I'm lucky enough to have them keeping me company on my homepage and keeping me entertained with witty, crafty, sometimes hilarious posts like Jen's plethora of cool finds. Yup. My sponsors rock. Happy Wednesday (unofficial llama riding in a car day!) Yay!


  1. I wonder how that llama is standing or sitting in that car? It couldn't have been easy getting it in there...

  2. Lovely image! There was a time around 60. when people often kept exotic pets. Perhaps that was not the best for the animals. But this llama looks happy and the photo is super cool. It looks like the head did not fit in the car, LOL!

  3. Llamas are always so happy looking. This one seems to love the feeling of the breeze in its hair... I wonder if it was potty trained?

  4. It's so cute! I love llamas; I wouldn't mind one for a pet, but I probably wouldn't take it for car rides ^_^