Thursday, October 4, 2012

my new mug

Since Fraser is off on his practicum for a few months I decided I needed to buy myself a present to help cheer up all my time alone! Nothing perks up quiet time quite like a cup of tea (and retail therapy) - so I got myself a new tea mug:

Oh it may look a bit plain from that picture, but wait until you see the surprise inside the mug!:

Ahahaha! Why hello little octopus! It isn't quite as charming and handmade as the creature cups I posted about last Friday (link), but just like Alison commented last week - I could pick this one up from the bookstore down the road and skip out on the pricey shipping! Woo woo! Just check out that charming packaging too:


Nothing like a few tentacles and an exclamation mark to seal the deal! Mind you, I'm not sure this is a perfect substitute for months without Fraser but it seems to be a pretty sweet temporary fix! Now what to buy next when this wears off....


  1. Buy a plane ticket to my house!

    Also, those tentacles are adorable, not terrifying.

  2. Awww, it's super cute! I hope that it cheers you up, and that the months without Fraser go past quickly ^_^