Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Xmas!

Happy Christmas everyone! Fraser and I are having a nice quiet day at home getting ready for our big trip to Vegas!! Woo woo! I promised I'd share some finished pictures of our wee little tree in all it's glory so today is the perfect day for it! Check it out:

And now for some close ups - can you tell I like woodland themed ornaments?

Oh, and robots...

Here's one last one pulling it all together once the sun goes down:

How are you spending this Christmas? 


  1. Merry Christmas!

    ps. That tree is awesome!!


  2. Good morning from the Rockies.

    Ian and I are spending the day in our cozy clothes, eating homemade turkey soup (we had turkey dinner on Saturday) and watching movies. I'm going to do my best to convince him a fort is needed.

    I hope you feel better in time for your trip!!


    Merry Christmas. Your mushrooms turned out great on the tree. I think I need some of those guys for next year's tree. They're so fun!!