Wednesday, December 26, 2012

vacation cuteness!

While I am busy living it up (also known as R&R if this stomach flu keeps up) in Vegas I thought I'd take a cue from when Fraser is away and give you all a cute picture to keep you occupied while I am gone! If I was still in town I'm sure I'd be organizing and playing with all my fun xmas goodies much like this girl is with her kitties:


Nothing says cute quite little kittens hanging in stockings right? I thought so! How was your Christmas? Any big Boxing Day planeroos? 


  1. Boxing day doesn't exist down here. The country of shopping and they don't have boxing day!!!! I'm going through sale withdrawal. Not to mention Kate withdrawal. argh, severe...Don't go out and have fun. stay in your hotel room and write me emails so I can feel like we are visiting.

  2. So cute! I wouldn't mind finding a kitty in my stocking ^_^ We spend Boxing Day visiting Scott's side of the family - it's like having a second Christmas Day ^_^

    1. That sounds amazing! I used to be all about the boxing day deals but now that I'd rather have useful kitchen-y things for the holidays instead of shopping money for clothes I skip out on the crazy mall scene. Actually the older I get the more I dislike malls all together! I think it's something in the air circulation...