Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm an Auntie! (again)

If you aren't keeping dibs on me on instagram - I've got news for you! My sister gave birth to a baby girl last Wednesday making me an Auntie yet again! Check out this "yet to be named" little bundle of joy:

Since I'm actually writing this before the weekend (I was going away - I needed to schedule!) she could actually have a name by now, but I'm hoping for "Kate" since she's the lucky younger sibling and all. Whatever her name, it's nice to see she's arrived into the world safely and will let me enjoy the wonders of babies without actually having one. Haha! Happy Monday everyone! 


  1. What a sweetheart. I don't want babies either, so I love that my brother has two that I can play with when I need a fix. ;)

    I hope wherever you are, you're a happy auntie!