Sunday, December 2, 2012

quite possibly the BEST xmas wrapping topper EVER!

You may think that blog post title was a tad exaggerated...but wait until you see this spectacular festive yarn gift topper from One Sheepish Girl (link):


*Gasp!* Did it just take your breath away with its amazing awesomeness? No? Well...perhaps you aren't as easily excited about these things as I am but I am in love. What a sweet way to combine some of my favourite wintery activities - gift wrapping, crafting, crocheting, and POM POMS! Eeee! You could even take this beyond the intended gift purposes and throw them all over the place! You name it - wreaths, brooches, hair accessories - I'm all over this! I figure if reindeer ears are allowed at work giant pom pom holly hair bands should be too right? Anyone else out there as mad for this project as I am? 


  1. I think a holly head band would look great! Giant pom-poms are the best ^_^

  2. That is the absolute cutest wrapping I have ever seen. I love, love, love it! And, I'm with you on putting them everywhere, especially on your head. Please, if you do that, post pictures so I can see how adorable you look!!

  3. I want to go to bed. Right now. I made a pot of that green tes (which is amazing, btw). Then I forgot about the tea. Then I poured it into a glass rather than a mug. BED!
    This counts as a comment, right? I'm always pro-pom