Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like xmas!

Victoria is wonderful.  It's a great city filled with nice people, fun things to do and see, and a nice mild winter climate.  The downfall of that rainy mildness? No xmas snow! snow in Victoria is actually sort of terrible since no one knows how to deal with it and the whole city shuts down...but it isn't very festive without it! To counteract the non-winter wonderland I've been pulling out all the decorating stops! Hooray! Jim already jumpstarted the fun by putting up some nice white xmas lights and once Fraser came home and whipped out the xmas box - things were in full swing! Including:

1) Xmas tree/holiday scents:

2) Holiday dvds (including this yule log gem with optional smooth jazz piano xmas classics):

3) The cutest yeti topped table top tree!

4) and apparently holiday themed decorations on a doily:

Okay, so the playmobil is a new addition to the decor this year, but it was in the box so out it comes! Now all I need to do is finish up the end bits of my holiday shopping and wrapping and getting those parcels out in the mail! Then a few more weeks of Fraser filled December bliss and it will be the big day! Yay! How is your holiday decorating going? Are you ready for xmas this year? 


  1. I haven't done any decorating yet!! I'm trying to make all of my ornaments, so I've been super busy crafting in preparation for decorating! I have so much left to do before I will be able to do much of anything. Your house is looking adorable! I love the mini tree.

  2. Athiest's nativity! Santa and Frosty!