Monday, December 17, 2012

ho ho ho photojojo

Until a few days ago I had never heard of Photojojo (link).  If you haven't experienced this lovely piece of internet real-estate, let me fill you in. It's a sweet blog and online shop overflowing with great photography tips, trinkets, and supplies! After peeking in, I was overwhelmed with goodies I have always wanted and never actually been able to find like an iphone remote, fun clip on lenses, and tripods! I jumped on the photojojo train and ordered some fun items and even got a $5 off coupon to share with you: 

l must say the holiday themed dinos really topped off the entire experience and once my order arrives I will be sure to share how much I love my new goods! How about you? Have you heard of this amazing site? What is your extent of photography knowledge? 


  1. I'm happy that this illustration is both safety conscious and realistic. Dinosaurs would definitely be wearing scarfs and toques in the cold weather during the Christmas season. I knew they had to have survived the years of winter created by the asteroid impact somehow!

  2. ^hahahaha! It's totally reasonable!

  3. I'll check it out. The photo-related site that Neal has been looking into lately is Photojack (or something like that), since they'll print your photos onto really interesting media, like metal.

  4. I always feel ridiculous when I find awesome sites that apparently everyone knew about but me. I stumbled on photojojo only recently too :D

    1. EXACTLY TANYA! I feel totally out of the internet loop when I find out everyone has already fallen for photojojo but I'm happy to have finally found it. Now for my parcel to arrive...