Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Days of Christmas

A couple years ago our tree started as one of those saplings that are given out to save the earth.  My Dad planted it the year before and then dug it out of the ground and plunked it in the middle of my Mom's white living room.  He insisted that it was our Christmas tree- black plastic pot and all.  

My mom took a little bit of wrapping paper and wrapped it around the base.  We looped on some ribbon, and lights.  Mom and I made origami ornaments, and a tin foil star.  
It was wonderful!
I love crafts that are simple, and bring charm into my life.  So when I saw this incredibly classic craft from BrittanyMakes I thought "of course"!  Look at that gold sparkle! and sharp edges!  And minimal supplies (which could be reduced further)!

Brittany has a whole site dedicated to sensible creativity, which I simply adore.  If you have time, check out her scarf from pjs!

What are your favorite decorating memories?

PS- While Fraser is looking after our Kate, I will be here until Caturday (or so).



  1. Yay! Lindsay to the rescue (yet again!)! One day I will not get ridiculous illnesses and require blog bailing out....I hope...

  2. That's an awesome craft and a very cute kitty ^_^

    I hope you feel better soon, Kate!