Saturday, January 28, 2012

crochet saturday

Back in December I featured the lovely crochet works of Cornflower Blue Studios as one of my Friday Finds. Well, I may not have got around to picking up my hook over the holidays like I had hoped, but I am still craving some yarn crafting while winter is still around! I started searching through Rachel's blog and found this darling tutorial for crochet hearts!

What a fun (and quick!) Saturday project don't you think? After swooning over Velma's crochet hearts she was making on instagram I figured this was a great craft! They would be super fun strung up in a garland, or maybe pinned onto your toque or lapel? Oh the possibilities! What do you think? What would you do with your handmade hearts?


  1. I would put one on a card and send it to you for Valentine's Day!

  2. They look nice. Maybe I will dig out some wool and make one. I could wear it on my lapel. Mom

  3. I put some on a card before! I've also made them for my kids to help them when they needed something to calm them on a test day!

    Love your blue heart!!!!!!