Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Find: Nicola Clare

Feeling extra lonely lately? Not to worry! Manchester's super talented graphic designer Nicola Rowlands has you covered with her selection of pocket man friends in her etsy shop Nicola Clare! Meet Ray:

Each man friend has his own special name and traits and conveniently keeps your company in your pocket. Take a peek at a few other men to pick from:

I love all the little details and packaging! What an awesome gift this would make! Not into men? There is a selection of female pocket friends too! If these little handpainted pals don't tickle your fancy Nicola has a huge selection of odd and charming prints, cards, pillows, brooches, earrings, and totes for your shopping pleasure as well! Oh my! I must say next to the man friends, the feed me tacos kitty earrings are on my favourite list! What about you? What do you like best?


  1. ! Love Nicola Clare's shop - Awesome feature!

  2. All of her items are brilliant! I really like The Cat Tea Towel and Little pink gumdrops earrings :D

  3. Oh! So now you like beards!...


  4. hahaha I like how the description of the earrings says you'll never need to talk again cuz you can point to either ear depending on the situation... LOL

  5. I like the "wonderfully wonderful" cushion ... and am amused that the Craig man looks like my brother, also named Craig ^_^