Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's hip to be square

As part of my eternal search for fun and inexpensive art for my home I fell in love with Elycia's poster art DIY! It's sort of like a grown up version of the collages Leslie and I made in highschool and gives you great results with limited artistic talent (always a bonus if you ask me)! Just take a peek:

Isn't it marvelous? I totally love the textures, colours, and way it pops with that white frame and teal wall! All you need to do is find some fun magazine pictures (or old posters like Elycia used) and then get cutting and pasting! Hooray!

If you're looking for a similar square look with a bit more of a challenge how about making your own pixel painting like this one from Wit and Whistle:

Okay, so maybe it is a lot more challenging (since you need to pixelate a source image and experiment with loads of colour mixing and matching) but I totally love the result. Plus it is still just painting a bunch of squares so those of you not oozing artistic talent can still score on this one. Yay!

So what are your thoughts? Anyone up for some square art with me?


  1. I'm all about non artistic art. My go to is stripes!

  2. I love the pixel painting! Let's do some when I'm visiting! (And living in your spare room so I can have a built in babysitter who also happens to buy the best baby presents).

  3. Also, the title for today's post is great.