Monday, January 9, 2012

How Clever!

Once again the internet comes to the rescue with loads of clever ideas to make life easier! I may not have got around to my entire house organization/cleaning this past weekend like I had hoped, but with these ideas I'll be motivated to get a smart jump on things as soon as my torn ab muscles are feeling better! Even though the daily buzz's list has 25 ideas, here are my favourite three storage tips:

Clever idea #1 - Folding matching sheet sets inside a pillowcase! If you've ever struggled with a disastrous linen closet, here is one to drool over! It seems so simple and obvious to fold them inside each other but I certainly wouldn't have thought of it on my own. Thanks internet!

Clever idea #2 - Putting a line of velcro on the wall to store stuffed toys. Okay, so this one is really aimed at people with children, but I do think it is genius. I suppose baskets would do the same effect, but velcro is certainly an easy solution for cleanliness!

Clever idea #3 - Putting a magnetic strip in your bathroom drawer/cupboard. At last! A solution to the never ending bobby pin search. I feel like there are little bobby pin elves living in my house (and purse) that sneak around and move (and steal) bobby pins. I just keep buying more of them and they just keep on disappearing. A magnet is such a brilliant way to keep them all under wraps and doubles as a new home for tweezers too! Aha!

After I execute these I just need to figure out a brilliant way to store my yarn stash and I'll be set! What do you think? Any genius organization tips for us? Are your linens a disaster too? How about M.I.A bobby pins? Oh, and while we're at it - how do you store your yarn?


  1. I love the first one and the last one, but I think the velcro would make the stuffed animals natty or something after a while. Also, I have developed serious sheet envy after looking at that linen closet. Seriously, are there people out there with that many sets of sheets! Swoon!

  2. I was thinking the same thing as lesliejim- how many bedrooms do those people have. That's a lot of sheets! Love the bobby pin idea, mine are always floating all over the place.

  3. have you seen the clothes lines for lonely socks? I think those are smart. as for yarn, I just chuck mine in the closet and close the door fast. Maybe like the one I just pinned for you?