Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Granny Please

I seem to be having a love affair with crochet granny squares lately. I keep seeing them around the internet and swooning over their fun colours and simplicity. I think I am particularly drawn to them because, well, I know how to make them (and can pretty much do so with my eyes closed). It's always a plus when I see crafts I am actually capable of (unlike most knit items). With no further ado, here are my three favourite granny square projects I can't wait to try out:

Project #1 - Granny Square Lamp Shade. I love the colours on this one and how it really jazzes up a normally quite simple table lamp. I think it would fit in perfectly in my living room (even though I doubt any more lighting is really required there...). Perhaps I'll hunt down an old lamp from a thrift shop and give it a new grann-i-fied life for my craft room!

Project #2 - Giant Granny Square Blanket. This one is particularly interesting since I started a granny square blanket back in 2003 and never finished it. After making a million little squares I realized they weren't a consistent size and would be a giant pain to sew together. This one, however, is just one giant square that gets bigger as you go! Hooray! No sewing at the end!

Project #3 - Granny Square Ear Warmer. I spotted this one on the wonderfully fashionable (and cat loving) Elycia a while back and totally went head over heals for it! I've been dying to make myself an ear warmer for my walks by the ocean and this one is super cute. Now to decide what colour to make it...

So what are your thoughts? Are you sold on the awesomeness of granny squares? What crochet projects would you make out of them? And (most importantly) which should I do first!?


  1. I love granny squares too! The lamp shade is TOO cute!!!!! I'd love to see any of these projects if you make them :)

  2. I'm hiding under the granny square blanket pattern that you posted way back when from BUST magazine. It's (NO LIE) -30 Celcius here, and DANG is this blanket warm and amazing. If only I had some of these other granny square items. Then it wouldn't be so cold!

    But in all seriousness, it's cold here, I don't like it, and I DO like the granny square blanket that's all one giant square. You're right about the sewing together. Yuck.

    Also, I just used the last of my decaf House blend and I'm feeling sorry for myself. Did I mention it's -30? This is your cue to tell me that you just finished mowing your lawn and, boy! are you ever hot, or some similar comment.

  3. I had a granny square blanket but don't know where it is so I think it has vanished into thin air! Today we had the furnace worked on and the hours it was off were very cold. It is now working to reheat the house. Plus today is one of the coldest days we have had this winter! I am planning on going shopping as I know it will be warm in the stores! I am planning a tea towel for Grandpa's birthday.
    OH! we are cleaning out under the stairs you should see all of the treasure we have un-earthed! There are lots of memories under all of the dust, etc. I'm not letting you Dad to toss out anything of yours until you can look though it. I also found in my stuff a report the Uncle Gary did when we lived in Lethbridge so he was in about grade two or three. I am keeping it for him. Oh, and books there are hundreds of then!! (Well, maybe not hundreds but a lot.) I have to go buy some crafting supplies so should get a move on.
    Love Mom PS I can hardly wait for my trip with Uncle Gary to see to you!

  4. saw this and thought of you

  5. That giant granny square blanket is on my list! I even ordered the chunky yarn especially ... but out of five ordered colours, only three came! Gah! So, I guess they don't have those other colours? Ordering things from the internet is so confusing sometimes ...

  6. I love the blanket idea<3 I think I will try to do one. I also started a granny square blanket and never finished, I end up using the granny squares to make cowls for my shop, so it wasnt a total wast of time at the end:p But I still want my blanket...

    great inspiration Kate(:

    Have a lovely day!

    Carmila Ponycat

  7. Speaking of granny square ...I recentley found a skirt that is was handmade and goes down to the ankle. At first I just thought it was a cool blanket, and suprise...an awesome skirt was found! It is time to bring back the coolness in handmade stuff

  8. I've made everyone in my family giant granny blankets, cuz they're so addicting & quick! :) chunky yarn is a joy to work with - I highly suggest that one!!