Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My kind of snow!

While the rest of the province is dealing with -30 C weather and boatloads of snow I am soaking up the lovely dusting of the white stuff here to go with out +4 C. Take a peek at the wintry scene from the patio:

Just right! A smidge of the white stuff with mild temperatures and clear roads. Apparently it is still too much to deal with for most Victorians though. Yesterday at work tons of our regular customers said they barely made it in, and on my drive home I saw a car being pulled from the ditch! Seriously? The roads are CLEAR!? It totally baffles me, but I guess if you aren't used to or prepared for the weather it might be a shock. Nothing but snow in the forecast for the next few days so we'll see how everyone does this week.

Since we're on the topic of snow - in case you're jealous of all the flakes falling around here, why no make some geeky snow flakes of your own. Check out these amazing star wars themed ones from over at Man Made DIY:

I can think of a few people who would love a few of these (Lisa - how about the bf?) and think they would be extra fun strung up in a window! I was meaning to blog about these before xmas since I think they'd be a perfect way to festive up for the holidays, but I figured with all the snow around here they'd be good all winter long! What do you think? Who's your favourite star wars snowflake? (Mine's Boba Fett.)


  1. I've never seen starwars, but the yoda dude looks fun!

  2. I agree with Lindsay Yoda looks cute. I don't think I will try one right now as I have other things on my mind. Like my first yoga class at 10 o'clock. It is for people who are not a used to doing yoga. (hint older people). We had some snow last night but the plowers are out there clearing the roads. Grandpa called and said he has lot of snow and his ATV won't start. The cows will have to wait for him to plow before they are fed. See you soon! Love Mom 000XXX How do you spell plow?

  3. "It's a Trap!" My favorite is Admiral Ackbar.


  4. I think the reason you like Boba Fett is because your backpack has jets. Aw yeeeah. I actually think I like the storm troopers the best, though they're not my favourite characters in the movies.

    So much snow! Were people out "shoveling" the imaginary frost off their driveways? :) There's a moose sleeping in my backyard right now. For reals. I think it might die though because it's shivering and it's really, really very cold here. I'll keep you posted. If it does, you can do a whole series of posts about what to do with a dead moose. Post #1: make a granny square doily out of its fur!

  5. Will we be eating moose burgers when we come visit? I can hardly wait to see you. love Mom

  6. Ooo, Kate! You are so right - Scott would love these! (I assume hopefully I am the Lisa you are talking about, otherwise this just became awkward ... o_0)

    Scott's favourite character is Darth Vader, but I like the Storm Troopers the best ^_^