Monday, January 30, 2012

Playin' on the Heart String

Well you may be tired of hearing about crochet cotton hearts...but I'm still smitten with them so I've got one more day of them! After some lovely responses to my last two posts, I thought I'd take some reader advice and make a garland out of my excitedly overproduced crafts! I really liked the cute granny triangle heart garland Michelle made (link) but since I was looking for a project using the hearts without spending a ton of time making new parts I just braided together some coral yarn and sewed them on. Take a peek at the finished product:

Not too shabby eh? I am quite pleased with how it turned out and like the look of the different colours of hearts strung together. Plus the heart string turned out to be the perfect size for my new bulletin board board. Let's check it out from another angle:

Ah! I love it! In attempt to spruce up the blank walls of my craft room I think the cork board is a great place to start. So far it just has a few cards on it, some kitten pins, a moon screen print I won, and an experimental teal flower pin I crocheted (oh and the heart garland of course)! What do you think?

I'm excited to fill it up with inspiring snips of papers and things, but am really pleased with how it looks so far. What do you use for inspiration? Any cork board users? What would you pin on there?


  1. Yeah! right over the making out couple!

  2. So cool! You should put a picture of Jean up on your board, since she`s very inspiring! Those colours of wool are excellent. What gauge did you use?

    1. I used a 4.5mm hook and regular crochet cotton. I never check gauge though, I like to wing it! (watch out, I'm wild!)

  3. Ohmygosh...I love them like this!! :) Fabulous!

  4. I really like it, it looks super cute(:

    I love when you share things you make, you should do it more often(;

    Have a lovely week