Sunday, January 15, 2012

What a weekend!

After an entire week of resting my poor torn ab muscles, I was determined to have a hospital-free fun weekend this time around. We woke up early Saturday morning and went out for breakfast at the Blue Fox. It was delicious as always and didn't even have a long line up to compete with. Yay! On our scenic drive home I found the new location of my favourite yarn shop and a new fabric and notion store to check out in the future! What fun! Then it was back home for some productivity! Okay, so I am still in recovery mode, but Fraser was nice enough to finish making a light box for me:

This light box thing has been a long time coming and I can't believe how quick it was to finally finish up! Fraser did an amazing job and once I get some long sheets of paper for backdrops I will be taking pictures like the pros! Well...hopefully anyways. I have been dying to spiff up my etsy shop item images (especially the button ones) and the nice filtered light from my new light box will be perfect! Any tips for what sort of lights I should use with it? I guess I'll have to experiment to find out.

Next we planned to take a wee trip downtown so Fraser could use some of his xmas gift cards and it started to snow! How exciting! It certainly wasn't cold enough to stick, but the fluffy blistery snow flakes were super fun to watch. Take a peek from our deck:

Yay! We've been told it is supposed to snow even more today (Sunday) and Monday so maybe some of it will hang around this time too! Hooray!

To finish up the day off I sewed up some more avocado felt brooches to list in my etsy shop:

After seeing a picture of my last pin on Sarra's blog I decided it would be fun to make a few more! The first one I made actually turned into a reserved listing so I thought it would be neat to see if the little smiling fruits (are avocados fruit?) would be popular sellers! I even whipped up two more Totoro brooches to list too! Yipee!

Here's to hoping today is just as fabulous as Saturday was! What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. BLUE FOX...AAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Jealous. Also, Why doesn't your mom comment anymore. I liked pretending the three of us are friends and each day we have part of a conversation....

  2. My mom reformatted her computer and my blog isn't on her favorites list anymore! I doubt she knows how to add it on there so I'll have to see if I can con my dad into doing it. I like our conversations too! Jean broke leslie's lap top too so she hasn't been commenting either! Looks like my family doesn't love me anymore...

  3. I am back! I think if it has a pit (stone) in it it is a fruit. Either way they are cute!

  4. Google says it's a fruit. I love avocados, especially ones with cute smiles.

  5. Oh, they are super cute! Have you seen Twinkie Chan's avocado scarf?

  6. I was reading one light box tutorial that I'm working on, that basically suggests that desk lamps with those daylight bulbs in them work really well. 60W. Haven't tried it yet, but they said good things!

  7. I didn't do anything this weekend except wait for my laptop to arrive. And now it has! Huzzah!