Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dream Weaver

This year Fraser's brother gave me a Micheals gift card for xmas. Excited to see what the wonderful world of crafty supplies has to offer I ended up splurging and getting a Martha Stewart knit and weave loom kit:

I've always wanted to try my hand at weaving and figured since I am so lousy at knitting, loom knitting might be perfect for me! After all, I did have a 50% off coupon and it was a xmas gift right? Plus it has loads of pieces to mix and match together for a whole assortment of different loom shapes and sizes for all sorts of projects! Hooray! I thought I'd start off with something simple and used some variegated green cotton yarn to try weaving. Take a peek at that cross hatching wonderfulness:

Lovely! This was actually my third attempt at making a square (the first ones were too thin and too tight), but I am very pleased with my new woven coaster:

Since I was originally trying to make a hot pad/trivet I thought I'd give it another go in a larger size. This time I went with hot pink to match my new pink kitty place mats Fraser bought me and went with two strings of yarn instead of three. Check out the finished product:

This one looks much neater and cleaner than the first (with fewer little missed woven strings and blemishes). I ended up doing a round of crochet around the outside to really finish it off:

Ooo! I love how it turned out! I really enjoy having cotton square hot pads to hold bowls when they come out of the microwave and this one is my new favourite! Sure my experimental granny square ones I made many years ago still do the trick, but it's nice to have a new pink woven one too!

Now the question is - what to weave next!? Or more importantly - what to attempt at loom knitting?! Have you ever used one of these kits? What did you make?


  1. That is stunningly impressive! Well done! I am equally awful at knitting, but this year I am determined to give crochet and crewl embroidery a whirl - the versatility of these would open up many more avenues for creative exploration... As for loom weaving/knitting, aven't tried it, but what about a wall hanging of lots of squares, or even a throw or cushion cover? Scarves and cowls? Bags? Whatever you do, I look forward to seeing your results :)

  2. looks great!!!!! I've never done loom weaving!

  3. this is amazing! I would make a long rectangle one, then fold the ends over them selves to make a rectangular hot pad/runner with hand pocks for maximum hand protection! could you make slippers?

  4. Awesome:( A woven blanket or throw would be pretty awesome I think! And all of the other suggested options too! Scarves in particular would be lovely!

  5. Super awesome! Love the photography, too! I want to try - looks so great.

  6. Also, why do I always end up with bad songs in my head after reading your posts? (Dreeeeeeam weavah! I believe I can get you throooooooough the niiigheeeeeet!)