Tuesday, January 3, 2012

cute little cases

I love making little pouches. Not only is it a quick project, but it lets you use up little bits of cute fabrics you may be holding onto and leaves you with an ultra functional finished piece! What's not to like? Need a little inspiration? Check out these six tutorials via How About Orange:

Aren't they dear? I'm especially drawn to kleenex covers in the top right corner (being that we're in winter and amidst flu season). What fun! Heck they might even help you with any budgeting you have planned for the year too! Since I'm miss moneybags while Fraser is in school we might attempt switching to an all cash budget plan, which will hopefully help stretch out my limited paycheques. I doubt Fraser will be happy carrying around little girly coin pouches though...or maybe it would help us save money since he'd be too embarrassed to whip it out unless necessary. Haha! I may be onto something! Which pouch do you like best? Any budgeting tips for us?


  1. You picked some really cute pouches! I love all of these...but I especially love the bunting. :-)

  2. Those ARE cute!

    Budgeting-wise, you could always do what I am doing. I like to call it the "Don't buy anything but food and gas and housing because you're poor" plan. I reeeeeeeeally want to buy new clothes and cute stuff, but I am poor and have no money. Wah!

  3. I like the pear pouch best ^_^ The little leaf is a super cute touch. My budgeting style seems very similar to Lesliejm's ... also I haven't gotten my hair cut since early 2010 which saves time, money, and stress over the awful haircuts I am inevitably given. I may have to give in and go soon though, as I'm pretty sure my split ends are getting big enough to begin planning a tribute band ~_^

    (I hope you get that joke and don't just think I'm nuts ...)