Tuesday, April 30, 2013

adventures in bargain hunting

I'm always a sucker for a good deal and am always searching the clearance and sale racks in hopes to find something awesome that fits into my budget! The other day I found one heck of a sweet deal and am so thrilled in fact - that I'd love to share it with you. Take a look - a nice, simple, soft, racer back teal tank top:

How pleasant! I figured it would be a great work out top for the spring/summer and even more so when I saw that it was moisture wicking. Now to check on that clearance price....

What is this!? A mistake perhaps? It can't possibly me marked down from $12.95 to a mere 47 cents can it? How is it that no one has picked this baby up!? Don't get too excited Kate. It is just a tank top. They may be practically giving it away...and you've found the golden moisture wicking egg in the masses of rejected ill-fitting pieces, but it's just a shirt right?  I managed to keep my calm and cool exterior and continued my bargain hunting and decided I'd tempt fate and just see what it came to at the till and then decide if I'd buy it or not.  I tempted...

...and I won. Heck - I even got to use my additional 30% off e-coupon to make that an even better bargoon! Oh my! Now that I've used up all my deal finding luck for the year I'll be sure to never find something quite as spectacular again, but it was one heck of an exciting thrill ride! Yeah! What's the best bargain you've found lately? 



    1. Old Navy! Looks like you need to come back to the island :)

  2. Wow - what a find! Lucky you!