Tuesday, April 16, 2013


By some miracle I have managed (well...more like nature and the past tenants here...) have managed to make a tulip grow and even blossom on my patio! Looks like spring is officially in full swing around here! Just look how cheerful that blossom is:

Hooray! I love the wonderful pop of pink when I peek out onto my patio and am especially pleased that this baby grew on her own! Good job nature! Usually I kill pretty much everything on my patio since it is covered from the elements and hauling water out there is very unpleasant and painful with my swollen wrists and hands. Perhaps I will try container gardening once more when I'm officially back in Kamloops and am inspired to give it another go! How are your gardens coming along? Any tulips gracing you with their presence? 

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  1. Awww my husband and I grew tulips one year when we lived in Oregon. They were just about the bloom when a deer came by and chomped ALL the buds off! I was so sad!!