Thursday, April 4, 2013

Xmas in April!

So remember how I was telling you what terrible luck I have keeping my plants alive? Well apparently I'm not completely hopeless because I've somehow managed to get my xmas cactus to bloom (again!)! How wonderful! I love seeing those bright pink blossoms popping up and making my plant shelf look much less dismal! I mean just look at that pop of colour:

Isn't it spectacular? And not just one bloom - a whole bunch! Turns out the rainy winter/spring here lead to a big enough lack of sunlight that my cactus thought it was still the extra short days of December and popped out some pink babies! Hooray!  Flowers!  You may also have noticed my creative angle on that last shot - but there are no lies here. I was trying to mislead you into thinking I'm skilled at house plants. Nope. I actually totally killed the other half of the plant and when you check out the xmas cactus in its entirety it's a little sad: 

Wah - wah (you know, that sad sounding noise they make in cartoons)...looks like I'm only half a success. Alas. I'll take what I can get! I'm thinking I may try to repot this bad boy next winter when I can hopefully find another (perhaps different coloured) xmas cactus mate to stick with it. Well...if I don't kill the surviving half before then...

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  1. Half a success is better than no success! And those flowers are super pretty too! ^_^