Thursday, April 18, 2013

Felt Sandwich!

The crafty restocking continues this spring and I've got myself one massively colourful felt sandwich to show off today!

Isn't it just delightful? Nothing like a whole bunch of sewn together pinking sheared felt circles to perk up the day! Confused on why I spent so long making them? Why for happy illustrated pocket mirror cases of course! Just look how thrilled yeti is to be scratch free and cozy in his little hand-stitched case:

Yeah! Thumbs up for crafty productivity! My mirrors always seem to be a hit and since I've spent some time restocking the mirrors it was certainly necessary to perk up the colour choices for the cases as well! Check out those sweet, sweet piles of progress:

Hooray! Once again my best pal Lindsay was to thank for much of this work since she cut those bad boys up for me in no time while we chatted and I rested my weary wrists! Yay! Now if only ever day was filled with wonderful Lindsay...