Wednesday, April 17, 2013

move over google reader!

So I may be a smidge late on the news that google reader is leaving us in July, but just in case you're just as behind the times as I am - it's the perfect opportunity to follow your fave blogs on bloglovin' (link)! Yay! Even sophisticat endorses the move:

Hooray! I've actually been using bloglovin' for my blog reading needs for quite some time now since google reader only let me follow 300 blogs and that was much too restrictive for my internet needs! I love how easy it is to find blogs to follow, how clean and simple the layout of the site is, and that there is even a bloglovin' app to let you read new blog posts on your phone! Perfect! Heck, it will even let you bring your old list of blogs from reader over to their wonderful site! Oh my! Sold yet? Well if you're feeling adventurous you can always add me by clicking on that lovely little blue plus sign on my sidebar (or clicking here!):

Yeah! I really like to organize my giant list of blogs into little groups (ex. crafting, style, decor, diy, and faves) so if I'm craving a quick fix I can see what those certain blogs are up to! What an idea! It's especially handy when I'm way behind on my reading and want to make sure I quickly see what's new and happening in the blog world before clicking that stress relieving, "mark all blogs as read" button. Whew! So what about you? Are you a mass blog reader like me? Do you use bloglovin' (or some other blog organizing reader?)? Any recommendations on great reads? 


  1. i use bloglovin - it's all ive ever used and i love it =)


  2. I love bloglovin. It's a great way to dip in and out of the blogs I follow (I use them as quick break reads throughout my day) and I love that I can see little previews so that I can work out what I fancy reading next! It makes a real change from what I used to do (just save all the blogs I read as favourites).

  3. I just switched from Reader to Feedly. I'm lovin' it better than Reader! Feedly is great!