Wednesday, April 10, 2013

knit specimen

If you're a regular reader here on the blog you may have noticed I have a quirky sense of decorating style. I love texture, I love homemade stuff, and I love this knit brain in a jar:

Isn't it spectacular? Who doesn't need one of these? I think it would look just charming on a shelf in my new craft/sun room and think I need to find this perfect shade of brain tissue pink yarn so I can make my own version! I'm thinking I can just make a big long spool knit string and sew it into something brain shaped - what do you think? Can I rack your brain? 


  1. Love it! I'd like to take it further and do an alien foetus or something!

  2. We definitely need this in our house!

  3. I love it! Have you seen the knit dissected worms on Etsy? So cool!

  4. Oh my gosh. I *need* one of these! I think your spool knitting idea would work perfectly! I am wondering about making the brain shape to go underneath ... perhaps a styrofoam oval with a knitted or crocheted over would work well?