Friday, April 26, 2013

The best packing tip ever!

Fraser is busy planning our post wedding trip down to Portland this summer, I was being my usual over-prepared self and thinking about what to pack! After all, I will have to pack for my wedding, reception, and week long vacation so I will need to be extra efficient for that suitcase. I was discussing the options with my pal Lindsay and we both agree that under-packing with matching basics is the way to go. We both love the satisfaction you get from doing a great packing job and actually using and wearing everything you've lugged along with you and it makes it much easier to pick out outfits for each day when you just have a few favourites to select from! Yeah! 

I've experimented with under packing in the past and it is so wonderful...until you inevitably (in my case) spill oily salad dressing all over your one jersey dress. Rats. Packing fail. That is pretty much exactly what happened when I went to Vegas this winter and luckily I bought a few new items at the outlet malls that filled in the blanks for the stained clothes that I had to retire. When I brought up my spill disaster with Lindsay she suggested to pack along some Zero detergent to remedy my messy ways! How brilliant! 

I always have some zero on hand in my laundry cupboard for all my delicate and hand washing needs (like my sets of wrist braces I wear constantly and get super gross after a while) so why not throw it in the luggage?! Such a plan! Or better yet - I found an empty travel container, labelled it up with some washi, and can fill it up with detergent without it taking up loads of space: 

Yay! I am so ridiculously excited about this plan! I always end up staining something on vacation and having some soap to gently wash it out before it sets is just perfect! Ah! I'm not sure everyone else will be quite as stoked about this idea...but just in case you are...I wrote this whole blog post about it. Clumsy stain makers - you're welcome. 


  1. did you typo clumsy? hehehe...also, maybe put that in a ziploc bag. Though spilling zero is better than spilling dressing.

    1. What! You mean you don't want to be a clumpy stain maker? Sounds attractive!