Wednesday, April 3, 2013

meowy wednesday!

It's official - I have a new favourite internet cat. Her name is Meme, she looks amazingly similar to Pudge (link), and I just love following her Instagram feed (link)! I'm not sure what it is about those calico exotic short haired kitties but I'm a sucker for them! Just look how darling that little cat yawn is:

Oh Meme - you're so cute! In other fun life news - Lindsay has decided to pop by the island for a last minute (very much overdue) visit for a few days and we will be having some relaxingly good times! Hooray! Meme and Lindsay! What a Wednesday! 

1 comment:

  1. ah so cute!

    this past weekend we took polly and ella out on a hike and ran into this older couple walking who fell in love with them (especially ella, of course) and the guy says - "is she on youtube? if she's not she should be!"

    hahaha it was just so funny - then i thought she could be the next sensation - like that mean cat and maddie the dog that stands on things..

    he might have been on to something!