Friday, April 5, 2013

pom pom GENIUS!

I'm always looking for new fun (and hopefully useful) crafts with pom poms and Meredith of One Sheepish Girl (link) recently did a wonderful post using some homemade pom poms on her cork and magnet boards! Just look how fuzzy, colourful, and pomtastic they are:

Ah! I'm in love! I have no idea why I didn't think of this earlier but pom pom pins and magnets are such a perfect idea! They're sort of decorative, a perfect hint of added colour, full of yarn-y texture, and useful to boot! What a concept! I will have to hold off on the magnets until I once again live with a magnet-able fridge (or get a magnet board) but the pom pom push pins are right up my crafting alley! Oh lovely! What do you think? Want to come over and make a few poms with me this weekend? 


  1. They are excellent! I love the colours Meredith used too ^_^ I wish we could craft together - when teleports are invented, the internet will have to have a massive craft party ~_^

  2. These are so cute- thanks for highlighting this idea. Now this is a crafty project even I can manage :-)

  3. These are perfect!!! Now I must make some! :)

  4. The magnets remind me of mom's pompom walrus!