Monday, April 8, 2013

Quite the Instragram-y walk!

After an amazing week of visiting with Lindsay, Heather and I decided we would make a point of getting together before the week finished so we could catch up, get some fresh air and exercise, and mourn the loss of Lindsay since she returned to the main land. It wasn't exactly the most glorious day to go for a stroll, but despite the drizzle we had a blast and saw quite a few pretty sights along the way! I spammed my instragram followers with pictures from our hour long walk, but thought I'd share them on here too since it was so much fun and there was just so much greenery to share! Let's go! Vicarious walk around Saanich for everyone!

Our walk started with a little chicken sighting in Heather's neighbourhood. I can't say I know many people with a chicken koop in their front yard - but these people certainly did and their chickens clucked by to say hello!

The avian fun continued with lots of other bird sightings (and hearings) along the way and I totally fell in love with the ducks hanging out in the little golf course ponds:

Even though the Garry Oaks are still looking a bit dismal and creepy without leaves, the rest of the greenery was happy to see us and I can't wait to do this walk again once spring is in full bloom! Just look at these gorgeous side yard:

Apparently after this part I didn't take my phone out for a while, but we did walk through some gorgeous forest-like areas and even some nice sections of mossy bedrock! Then we got bombarded with a big ol' flock of ducks!

Ah! They were so cute! They were actually taking up the whole path but just before I got my phone out to take a picture a jogger came by and dispersed them. Rats. Oh well - you can take my word for it. There were lots of ducks.  

We heard a few woodpeckers, saw a hummingbird, and loved all the lovely plants lining our trail! Just look how darling these white fawn lilies look: 

Oh what a wonderful time! I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did and I will have to make a point of going again and showing you another set once more flowers are in bloom! What did you do over the weekend? Anything fun? 


  1. Those ducks are great! I don't think I've ever seen so many all together at one time.

  2. how am i not following you on instagram? absolutely scandalous!

    I was just thinking about doing this this morning - taking a walk and chronicling it. You look like you have much nicer surroundings though!

    those ducks are precious :)

  3. Love the Garry Oaks, even if they DO look like they're sick all the time. And I love the idea of a front yard farm!

  4. Your pictures are lovely and I especially love the pretty ducks ^_^