Tuesday, April 2, 2013

no green thumb required

I've been having no luck with my houseplants lately.  I've managed to kill pretty much all of my cacti and terrariums and the few plants I have that are still kicking look like they are on their last legs! Oh dear! I figure there is little point in trying to start any new plants with my upcoming move to Kamloops and am hoping a little extra love and care will keep any of my green children safe from their inevitable doom!

On the good side of things, I did come across a wonderful interent article outlining 11 wonderful indoor plants that are apparently hard to kill! How perfect! Take a peek (link)!


What a concept! I figure a little more plant research is needed for me to overcome my black thumb and lots of the greenery from the plants on this list are just wonderful! I mean look how lush and shiny that rubber plant above is! I even have a haworthias plant (on the list) and why yes! It appears to have survived the terrors of my awful plant taking care of skills! How wonderful! I am also seriously considering converting to fake greenery in my weedy and desolate terrariums but I'm not totally sold on how tacky they would look if the plastic plants looked too obviously fake. Looks like I'll be keeping my eyes out for natural looking moss and succulent alternatives - as well as any of the lovely hard to destroy plants from the list! Wish me luck! 


  1. I wonder if something else is going on with them, not just your black thumb. I had probably 10 or 12 small terrariums full of succulents last year that were thriving until one week they all went gross and soft and brown. Upon further investigation, I found freaking little gnats! They came in on a papaya from the grocery store and killed my dang plants! Only one of them survived. It was terrible. Like a vegetation massacre. I hope the ones you have spring back to life now that it is well, ya know, spring!

    1. That is an excellent point Melissa! We actually totally have fruit flies hanging around but I thought they were just after my coffee plants! Maybe they are sneaking in and attacking my other plants that are mostly all dead now. I'd love to think it isn't my neglect that's killing them and some other pest instead!

  2. I, too, have the curse of the brown thumb! All my houseplants are plastic. I recently decided to try gardening because I couldn't stand the look of weeds and dead twigs in my new backyard. Check out my garden blog entry: http://wp.me/p3gvbz-fb