Saturday, September 4, 2010

Adding Bacon to Books

When I saw this rad print out project from wild olive I immediately thought of my friend jared. The man who likes to add bacon to everything (literally - he ordered a milkshake with bacon in it)! Obviously his life isn't complete with a bacon bookmark right? Plus it is one of my favourite kinds of projects - quick and easy! Instant fun results! Hooray! Just print out the sweet images, add on some magnets and get reading! Check it out:

And if bacon isn't your thing hopefully you're interested in pencils, bandaids, pickles or rulers! Those little eyes look pretty wide set too (thus extra cute):

Cool! Perfect for everyone in my family who loves reading! Now I just need to finish unpacking, plug in my printer and get cutting! Fun!


  1. Hmmmm, I read a lot and I also have lots of book marks. Most of them were made by my artistic daughter Kate. Mom

  2. Very cute! Neal would like the bacon, but I'm a bigger fan of the pencil or the pickle. Pickles with eyes are super cute!