Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheap thrills in Chinatown!

Continuing on with my "I'm in love with janis from pinecone camp" theme, here's another ridiculously awesome article (over at poppytalk again) she's written! Janis takes on a $25 budget and trip through chinatown (in vancouver) to score some crafty DIY gems and shares her amazingly fun results! Rad cheap crafts included:

1) Trio of trays (perfect for tea perhaps? or breakfast in bed - take note fraser...):

2) Soup bowl planters (very similar to my sbux teacup cacti! Perhaps my goal of being more janis like is closer than I thought...):

3) Glass jar vases (simple, find, and amazingly only costing her 75 cents):

and finally 4) Revamped table (is that playmobil I spy? and an ikea table? oh my!):

Yup, pretty frugal crafting! I think this article is particularly suiting for the moment since today I am flying back from a whirlwind mini break to victoria - the home of Canada's oldest chinatown! Hopefully my pre-scheduling of this blog post has inspired me to take a crafty detour through the historic goodness of chinatown while I was there and leave me with wonderful DIY projects to share with you! In the meantime janis' article will have to do...


  1. It looks to me like you are going to have to move to a bigger house! Mom

  2. Very cool! They sell playmobile houses at a toy store in Smithers. We can go there next week!