Monday, September 6, 2010

DIY Rolling Rack

A common topic of discussion these days on the blog is my fresh move to a charming little house downtown. And although the house is quite darling, it is certainly lacking storage space for my many many wardrobe necessities! I'm thinking this lovely rolling rack DIY from hrrthrr is a must for my place since it doesn't have space for coats and shoes:

How cute! And useful! I think it would be great to add some stacking shoe racks on the bottom and stick this by the back door for overflow outerwear storage. Or maybe I should just go to ikea and get this one...or even better - this one! Sounds great! Any storage suggestions?


  1. My suggestion is to fold your clothes instead of hanging them. That way you can fit everything into your 10 foot tall closets that Mom says are really really big, and lack only hanging space. Also, you can use some of the million cupboards in this new place when clothes are folded.

    I'd avoid free-standing racks unless it's for by the front door because things would get super dusty and look cluttered if they were out in the open all the time. Plus it's way easier to keep your place clean if things fit into closets and cupboards instead of encroaching out into the living space.

    Oh! I just looked at the DIY, and the subtitle is "Unkempt Broad", so unless you want to be unkempt, I wouldn't use a free-standing clothes rack.

  2. Good tips Leslie! I actually ended up buying one of those extending shower bars and put it up between my cupboards and the wall by the washer and dryer area! Wendy thought of it (so smart) and it is perfect for hanging shirts to dry out of the wash! Fun!