Thursday, September 16, 2010

Swatch Portraits

As I have freshly moved into a new place I'm getting to the point where my boxes are pretty much unpacked (finally - hooray!) and I am attempting to get settled. I figure the final step to make this rental a home is to get decorating! Nothing says home like some art on the walls! I have been drooling over quite a few etsy prints lately but purl bee's image really got me thinking - how about some embroidery hoops filled with fabric swatches?

Purl bee even has a tutorial on how to make these and I am ever so tempted! It is such a marvelous way to get a crafty looking art element to any space with wonderful clusters or pattern and colour all with a thrifty price tag! What else could you ask for? Seriously!

I think it might also be a good use for some of those pricey quilting fabrics I've stocked up on and are afraid to cut. Hey - then I could enjoy their fabric goodness all year long! And I'm not the only one stoked on the idea Rachococoa made a saturday of it! What fun! Now all I need to do is find a plethora of cheap embroidery hoops - any suggestions?


  1. Great idea :) These are way more fun than simple framed fabrics. I hope you'll post pics!

  2. We are the same person.

  3. Kate, you'll have to look through my enormous fabric stash. It is taking over my sewing room. Help! Mom

  4. It could be cool to switch the fabrics up occasionally too - like for different seasons or something.