Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tiny Veg!

I know this is the second time I've done a blog post about the wonderfully adorable knit goods of mochimochi land but after catching a glimpse of this tiny knit wonder I couldn't help it! How can anything be cuter than a tiny knit asparagus?:

Oh my he is darling! In fact all of the items in mochi's "tiny things" album are fantastically adorable! How about a tiny kitty? mailbox? garden gnome? Heck - even the alarm clock is ridiculously cute! Even further proof that I really need to learn how to knit! Perhaps if I catch some spare time one of these days I'll take it on. For now I will focus on crafts that are directly related to the upcoming events on my to do list...but if any of you get knitting I'd love to vicariously enjoy your work! Yay! Win for everyone!


  1. How did you pick just one to display? I loved the panda, the gnome, the.... oh, like I said how did you pick just one? Mom

  2. You should have posted a picture of the alligator that I made for you using the Mochimochi book. These designs are super cute!

  3. Looooove! I knit her woodins ( a while back...I need to do some more tiny things :)